A Millennium Bug Comes To Visit

Milo spent a week with me and my life has not been the same.
I was asked to save his exploits, so that they may always live on in the realm of blogland.
I think the Bug would approve.

Milo Visits The Pastor ~or~ A Changed Bug

I had decided that Mr. Milo M. Bug really needed a little face time with someone that had better parenting skills that myself and might be able to coax him into behaving a bit more....ummmmmm.....predictably. I did not want to have to worry about leaving the computer on or having to lock the parakeets somewhere, and frankly, I think the little guy was just worn out, wound up and needed some settling down.

I got him up and told him, "Milo, this is a big day because you're going someplace special." He wasn't moving too fast; you know, kids always know when something is up.
"We get to ride in the car today--a pretty long ride, so hurry and get ready."

All the way up there was little chatter....he had brought his afghan along, for whatever reason and mostly he worked it in knots in his little bug hands.  Hmmmmm.......

Pastor Steve welcomed us and I thought I was going to lose Milo.
"Oh he's so tall! He could squish me!" And he promptly hid behind a pillow and his afghan; just antennae, hat and eyes peeking out.

(We had planned something more formal in the sanctuary, but there was no moving the bug.)
"Milo," Pastor Steve said, "Anne has told me about your adventures. You know, for a nice bug your age, you should be behaving a little better and not getting into mischief that adults do, and shouldn't."

Milo peered out. "I know. I just don't really know what is right and what is wrong until it happens. I don't mean to get into trouble, but it does seem to find me sometimes." He thought a moment and added, "Well, a lot of times, I guess."

"Milo," I said, "You tell the Pastor what you've been up to. Just whisper, I won't listen. You get that off your chest, say you're sorry, and mean it too." So the two leaned close and there were a lot of interesting expressions....... (especially from the Pastor)

Pastor Steve looked at him quite seriously and asked, "Do you want to continue like this or would you like to make some changes to help in making your life better?"
Milo looked at me and I nodded *yes* and then he nodded *yes* too. "What do I have to do?"
"Well, Anne told me your mom goes to church, and eventhough it is a different one than here, I am sure she would not mind if you were brought into *the church*---the One Church. Are you willing to be serious about this and start living a good life and doing good things and helping others?" the Pastor asked.

"Yes, yes!" Milo answered. "I want to be a new bug when I go home to Mom! I want Mom to be proud of what I have learned while I was on my trip!" He paused, then asked, "So, can you help me do that?"
Pastor Steve nodded.
"Yes Milo. We will do a Provisional Ceremony for you, to bring you into the fold, and make you a new bug--at least from the aspect of your soul. Do you understand?"
Milo seemed pretty excited and nodded *yes* quite vigorously.
"I'm ready!" he said with a surprising vigor.

So the two began the Provisional Ceremony to bring little Millenium Bugs into a new life. There were questions and answers and some prayers, and finally, the presentation of a beautiful white bible.

"This is so you don't forget today," Pastor Steve said as he inscribed the inside cover. "You can always look at this and read, and you will find the answers you need in the tough spots in life."
Then he blessed Milo, and I think there was a little tear in Milo's eye, and I know there were a few in mine. (I was so proud of the little bug!)

"Now go in peace Milo. Do no harm. And always remember there is Someone much greater than any of us who loves you unconditionally."
Milo sniffed, smiled brightly and said, "Thank you!!! You've been so nice to me!" And he hung onto his bible tightly as we got ready to leave.
Pastor Steve said one last thing as we were leaving, and it sounded pretty much like, "Stay OFF the internet."
And I had one happy, tired bugboy when I got home, who was just not letting go of his book, even in bed.
Ah, tomorrow, he shall begin packing to go home to Deb and the blue pool and a different life.....I wonder if he will remember all that has happened today?
Will he remember???
I hope so........