A Millennium Bug Comes To Visit

Milo spent a week with me and my life has not been the same.
I was asked to save his exploits, so that they may always live on in the realm of blogland.
I think the Bug would approve.

Milo's "NO!" Day

I guess all kids have "NO!" days, and young bugs are no different. I am exhausted as I type this. These are select episodes from a very long "No Day"...... *sigh*

This was the angelic face I woke to, asking if we could go outside. Of course, it was a beautiful day. Just let me get my work clothes on and don't mess with the birds while I am changing.....Okay???? (hahaha, Anne.....do you believe you expect that face to listen? he has plans....)

And here we go.........I come down to this.......

....And this.......

.....And this.......MILO! NO!.......       (the parakeets were NOT amused...)

"Go put your farm clothes on and meet me on the porch; I have to set the chipmunk trap." My patience was a little thin, but then, I'm not used to little ones.....*deep breath*

"Milo, no, I'll get those for you..........."

"MILO!!!! NO!" Oh heavens, I have to get him out before he suffocates......

This is my fault. I walked to the shed for clippers, and he has natural curiosity........

"Help! I just wanted to see how it worked! Get me out!!!" (I am already worn out........)


"Milo, quit throwing crab apples at me! Get down now!"

The next thing I see is him running across the yard to the acre of corn....... "Miiillllooooooo.......NO!!!!!"

After falling in the weeds, I find the little goomer up a cornstalk, playing with the silk.
"Get down from there, NOW. And I have to get out of here--there is pollen and ragweed everywhere; I'm itching and can't breathe! Come on, be good.....let's go in the house and get a soda...." (any bribe to get him in....)

"Milo, you could have been lost for good out there, you know that? What would I tell Deb?" I asked, while gulping down a drink. "And you're all dirty, so young man, you're getting a bath!"
I don't think I have seen him move so fast as when the *B* word was mentioned.

"Nooooooooo!!!!!" says the bug, hiding in my orchids. "I don't want my antennae wet!"
"Well I have a remedy for that and it's called a shower cap. Come on. NOW."
I got the bath drawn and he brought his towel and scrubber and acquiesced to the little bug sized shower cap.

He seemed to be enjoying himself, even though he was trying hard not to show it.
"You need any help Milo?" I asked.
Ooooooookay.....we're just having a bad bug day.....

"Can a bug have some privacy to dry off???"
I go in the other room, and when he is dry, it is bedtime for Milo.
"I'm taking you to meet someone tomorrow that may be able to get you to behave a little better. So go to sleep, and rest up good." I lean down to give him a goodnight peck and he pulls the quilt up.
And all I hear is a muffled "NO!" from beneath the covers.

Am *I* ready for bed???  Oh YES!!!!