A Millennium Bug Comes To Visit

Milo spent a week with me and my life has not been the same.
I was asked to save his exploits, so that they may always live on in the realm of blogland.
I think the Bug would approve.

A Most Peculiar Delivery.......

Yesterday I went out on the porch and discovered THIS!

The box was colorful, with many things that looked familiar;
artists I have seen and admired....

...Exotic places and postcards....
And that is one of Manon's hearts,

It gave a thump and a bump as I was admiring an acorn...

Oh and the lovely drawings and a little princess too!
Well, I was unfortunately in a hurry to get the car in for service,
so this delightful and mystical box was set upon my work table to
open later in the day.

Much later in the evening,
(I admit, I forgot about it)
I discovered THIS:

Although the studio had been empty, someone
had been very busy......

Hmmmmmm, this is looking vaguely familiar.....

.....That looks like a hand,
and an antennae,
and could that be the top of a hat?
The little pompom on a toque?

Well, I think I'd better leave well enough
alone for the time being, although
that hand could explain the
thumping and bumping......

Ooooohhhh my....
What shall I find