A Millennium Bug Comes To Visit

Milo spent a week with me and my life has not been the same.
I was asked to save his exploits, so that they may always live on in the realm of blogland.
I think the Bug would approve.

Mowing Day With Milo

For a little bug, Milo seems to have had a lot of experience in different areas. Over breakfast this morning I asked if he knew how to run a John Deere and I got a very enthusiastic *YES*!!!
Ten minutes later, here he was, in his mowing clothes, ready to take the wheel. I was still having doubts.......

I've never run the tractor from this position, and I was still wondering if he had told me the truth about being on one of these. I'm not sure how much yard Deb has but I am thinking there is not an acre of rough ground.......Milo, wake up!!!

"Now, Milo," I asked again, "You're sure you can handle this and help? This is a lot of horsepower and it's a manual shift. You'll have to let me shift....."
"Oh yes! That's fine! Let's get going!!!" the little bug replied.

There was something in that enthusiasm that didn't sound quite kosher.
"Milo, my little friend, you are POSITIVE that you can help run this??? Because if you can't, you need to tell me now."
He still seemed pretty eager.
"Ummmmmm, yep. I think I can handle that engine." And I see him peering down at the exposed parts before I dropped the cowling for the start.
I'm beginning to wonder......

"Can we have a picture of us?" he asked before I started the beast up.
"Sure Milo, here, look at the camera and give it your best farmer face!"
He was playing with his glasses, trying to look sexy. I'm still worried about the mow.

And we're OFF!!!  So far, so good, but it's in first gear and we are not in the yard yet.
(I let him think I had my hand there as a backrest, but I was pretty sure he would fall off....)

Cowabunga dude! Fourth gear and he is squirming away, turning that wheel like a maniac!

"Milo! There's a tree there; you might want to turn...."

I'm trying to shift gears but no luck.
"MILO! There's a TREE straight ahead! TURN!!!!" But we just keep going.........

"MILO!!!! TURN NOW!!!!!" But alas, it was at this point that I realized he wanted to GO to the tree and we were....at a rather alarming speed.

And the next thing I heard was tree branches, the mower grinding to a halt and both of us ending up in different positions than when we had started.

Oh my lord......he's knocked himself for a loop and I have a few battle scars too.....up to the porch we go.

"Milo??? Do I need to call the medics? Are you okay??? Answer me!"

When he opened those shiney little bug eyes, I knew he was okay.  But there was a little issue to get right.
"Milo, you've never been on a tractor before, have you?"
He slowly shook his head *no*.
"You know that's lying. I would have let you ride but not steer. It's a dangerous piece of equipment---you could have been killed and what would I tell Deb?"
There was a pause, then he just smiled and said, "Well, that I love her?"
How can I get mad at that??? "Okay, stay here in the shade and let me get the mower out of the tree and finish the yard. DON'T MOVE......okay?"
He nods yes. And I mow.
However, when I am done and check on him...well......he had moved.

"I'm really sorry,"he said. "I just never had a chance to try that and it looked fun. So I hope you forgive me, and while you were working, I picked these just for YOU!"
Another smile.
"They're the same color I am! Do you like them?"
I sighed and took the bouquet.
"Yes Milo, I like them very much. Thank you. How about we call it a day, all right?"
"Yep! I need to get ready for tomorrow!!!" And he took off at a good clip for the house. All the while I'm thinking....I need to get ready for tomorrow too.....where's my nerve tonic??? (ah yes, he drank most of it the one night........oy! Bugs!!!)