A Millennium Bug Comes To Visit

Milo spent a week with me and my life has not been the same.
I was asked to save his exploits, so that they may always live on in the realm of blogland.
I think the Bug would approve.

I Can NOT Believe This!!!

Well, here we go again. I cannot believe this. No wonder he is worn out.....Sweet Pea helped with the *Night Cam* so some of the pictures are a little fuzzy, but that's what you get with night-vision equipment. I can't afford military-quality goods......

OMGosh!!!! Does that say what I think it says??? Bug porn......BUG PORN???? On my computer? What on earth is this little guy trying to DO to me? He shouldn't be Googling that!

Oh dear, oh dear......this is no better. Sensitive readers, you might want to depart the blog now. I am sure this one is Naked Bug Chicks.......I can only apologize. I do have to sleep, and I can't do it during the day. Milo......

MILO!!!    (I refuse to comment on what I think is going on....look away, just look away)

I had wondered why the top of my printer/copier was open this morning.....Milo, are you going to do what I think you are?

Yep, there goes the scanning light......aw geeeeez!!! Bug butt on the copier glass......

Exactly what I thought. Someone seems awfully eager to get to the copy. I wonder how much ink I have left........sigh.......

Nooooooo......not again. What is he Googling this time? (oh my gosh, oh my gosh...)Dare I look???

Okay, this is not as bad, but not the way I think he should be meeting other bugs.....I mean, you never KNOW what is on the other side of the computer screen.
"Handsome Bug Seeks Girl Bug"
I'm surprised he stopped there, and did not add other more descriptive details......at least he's holding one of my hearts, so perhaps he is looking for a longer term relationship.


And then again.......maaaaaaaybe it's just a good time someone is looking for. DANG!!! (how did he get to the beer fridge??? oh....never mind......)
I am flabergasted!!!
All this, on a Sunday no less!
Milo, we need to have a talk tomorrow..........
With bright lights and strong black coffee.
And maybe an aspirin.